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Most Popular Policies of Oriental Insurance

  • Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy
    Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy offers coverage to individual policyholders for hospitalization and domiciliary treatments for sudden ailments, surgeries and injuries due to accidents.
    Key features of Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy
    • One can take this Policy for himself and or for his family members
    • There is 10% discount in premium if family members are covered
    • Domiciliary treatment and Day care procedures are covered under the plan
    • Application for people up to 80 years
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  • Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater plan
    This family floater plan covers the proposer and his/her family members like spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law.
    Key features of Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater plan
    • Applicants don't have to undergo pre-policy medical check-ups up to 60 years
    • The Gold variant of the plan offers attendant allowance and daily cash allowance
    • Proposers can choose between TPA and non TPA services.
    • 5% discount on premium if proposers' don't opt for TPA services
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Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater

Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater plan is an exclusive health policy designed to protect an entire family under a single plan with extensive coverage. The broad range of features and benefits of the Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater policy gives one enough security from any unforeseen emergencies and complications arising out of health related issues.

New Added Features of Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater

  • Extension (available on request) to SAARC countries without having to pay any additional premium.
  • Introduction of the Diamond Plan under the policy where Sum Insured is Rs. 12 Lacs to Rs. 20 Lacs.
  • Benefit offered to the Organ Donor – if the Insured Person is donor.
  • Second Medical Opinion  – Reimbursement
  • Covers the cost incurred from Maternity expense and New Born Baby.
  • Life Hardship Survival Benefit availed under all Plans
  • Restoration of Sum Insured
  • Extensive day care procedure list.

Salient Features of Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater Plan

  • Three plans are available under this policy – SILVER, GOLD & DIAMOND.
  • Pre medical check-up is required for any person of 60 years or above under Silver & Gold plan
  • Pre medical check-up is only required for individuals with age 55years and above under Diamond Plan.
  • The Happy Family Floater Plan from Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. comes with one year policy term and lifetime renewability option.
  • The policy offers free look period option and covers multiple day care procedures.
  • Personal Accident Coverage is offered under additional coverage.
  • Coverage for pre-existing diseases after four consecutive policy years.
  • TPA benefits – Cashless facility available at the network hospitals.
  • Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater policy can cover an insured person and his entire family under one Sum Insured.
  • Maximum age for availing this policy is 65 years. However, this can be extended to 70 years under specific conditions.
  • The Sum Insured for this policy starts from Rs.2 Lacs to Rs.20 Lacs.
  • 5% discount applicable on buying Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater policy online. The same discount is given on policy renewal as well.

Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater Policy Exclusions

  • Pre existing conditions are covered after 4 continuous policy years.
  • HIV / AIDS or any other STDs and Venereal Diseases.
  • Cost of dental treatment or any such surgeries that do not require 24 hour hospitalization.
  • Naturopathy Treatment.
  • Expenses of spectacles and contact lenses, hearing aids etc.
  • Injuries from war or war like operations, foreign enemy, military exercise.
  • Costs of vitamins, tonics unless they are part of the medical treatment.


Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater Policy has plethora of advantages in terms of securing all the members of a family under one plan / one Sum Insured. In addition to all the coverage the policy offers, it comes with extensive protection on demand.