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Most Popular Policies of Oriental Insurance

  • Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy
    Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy offers coverage to individual policyholders for hospitalization and domiciliary treatments for sudden ailments, surgeries and injuries due to accidents.
    Key features of Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy
    • One can take this Policy for himself and or for his family members
    • There is 10% discount in premium if family members are covered
    • Domiciliary treatment and Day care procedures are covered under the plan
    • Application for people up to 80 years
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  • Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater plan
    This family floater plan covers the proposer and his/her family members like spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law.
    Key features of Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater plan
    • Applicants don't have to undergo pre-policy medical check-ups up to 60 years
    • The Gold variant of the plan offers attendant allowance and daily cash allowance
    • Proposers can choose between TPA and non TPA services.
    • 5% discount on premium if proposers' don't opt for TPA services
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Oriental Insurance Personal Accident Policy

The biggest risk that we get ourselves into everyday while going to work or whenever we go out is an accident. Illness comes later, but everyday whenever we go out in the open where everybody, including ourselves is in a hurry, we become exposed to accidents. Sometimes these accidents take away our life and at times even paralyze us.

Oriental Insurance has brought into view the Oriental Insurance Personal Accident policy. The motive of the policy is to provide compensation if the benefactor sustain any injuries solely and directly from an accident that is caused by violent (visible and external) means resulting to death or disablement.

The key benefits given in the policy include:

One of the benefits of the policy is that compensation payable through the policy with respect to death, loss of limb(s) or sight or permanent total disablement arising out of accidental injuries shall be increased by 5% thereof in respect of each completed claim free year during which the policy is running, before the occurrence of an accident for which the capital sum becomes payable. The only hitch is that the amount of the increase shall not exceed 50% of the capital sum insured as stated in the schedule. Another benefit is that the earned cumulative bonus will not be lost if the policy is renewed within 90 days after its expiry.


This policy can be bought online from:

If the benefits and features of the Oriental Insurance Personal Accident policy entice you enough to secure your life and insure the amount of money for the future then click on the link given below. The Oriental insurance also has the facility of buying and renewing policies online with the help of credit cards and debit cards. If needed, a staff member can also visit the home of the benefactor and explain to him or her, the features and the benefits of the policy is greater detail.

The features that the policy has are:

Cumulative Bonus Children Education fund Reimbursement of expenses for the carriage of the dead body.

Some of the additional features are:

Along with the above given features of the policy, there are other additional features that the policy gives. The oriental Insurance personal accident policy allows a generous discount in case of a family package cover.

The coverage includes:

The main purpose of the Oriental Insurance Personal Accident policy or the PA policy is to insure a person in the event of sustaining injuries, which are caused either solely or directly from an accident.

Exclusions are also there in the policy:

  • Self injury or suicide or even attempt to suicide doesn’t come under the coverage of the policy.
  • Injury caused during war and allied perils are not counted in the coverage.
  • Engaging in any kind of aviation activities other than travelling as a passenger that too in a duly licensed standard type of aircraft anywhere in the world are not covered.
  • Injury caused to the body while under the influence of intoxicants like alcohol or drugs are not covered.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth or consequences as a result of it are not included under the coverage.
  • Any kind of pre-existing diseases are also not counted under the coverage type of the policy.

You can buy the Oriental insurance personal Accident policy online with the help of credit cards and debit cards and even renew it. The link to buying the policy is given below.

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