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Most Popular Policies of Oriental Insurance

  • Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy
    Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy offers coverage to individual policyholders for hospitalization and domiciliary treatments for sudden ailments, surgeries and injuries due to accidents.
    Key features of Oriental Individual Mediclaim Policy
    • One can take this Policy for himself and or for his family members
    • There is 10% discount in premium if family members are covered
    • Domiciliary treatment and Day care procedures are covered under the plan
    • Application for people up to 80 years
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  • Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater plan
    This family floater plan covers the proposer and his/her family members like spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law.
    Key features of Oriental Insurance Happy Family Floater plan
    • Applicants don't have to undergo pre-policy medical check-ups up to 60 years
    • The Gold variant of the plan offers attendant allowance and daily cash allowance
    • Proposers can choose between TPA and non TPA services.
    • 5% discount on premium if proposers' don't opt for TPA services
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About Oriental Home Insurance

Oriental InsuranceThe home insurance policy available at Oriental Insurance provides householders with complete protection. The name of the plan is Oriental Householders Policy and it safeguards buildings and contents from accidental damages. Policyholders can choose from as many as ten different coverage options such as buildings and its content, damage to any electrical appliances due to electrical and mechanical breakdown, accidental breakage of glass, Jewellery and many more. This home insurance plan at Oriental Insurance is available online as well and one can avail it by paying through credit or debit card or by net banking.

Benefits and features of Oriental home insurance policy

• The home insurance plan at Oriental Insurance can be availed for a long term of 4 years at a discounted rate
• 15% Discount is available on premiums if policyholder opts for over 4 options
• Terrorism cover is available upon paying additional premium
• Jewellery and other valuables kept in the bank locker are also under the cover on the basis of first loss
• There is no upper limit on sum insured for the coverage of both building and content
• 10% to 25% load on premium is applicable depending on the claims being made in a policy year or two

Coverage options under Oriental home insurance policy

Coverage against fire
This coverage offers protection against losses due to fire in the building and loss of household objects due to fire.

The financial loss in the event of breaking of house due to theft or larceny is covered under this coverage option.

All Risks(Jewellery and Valuables):
This coverage protects the loss of valuables like jewelleries in case of a robbery.

Plate Glass:
The loss of any fixed plate-glass is covered under this coverage

Domestic Appliances:
This coverage is applicable for damages of domestic electrical appliances like refrigerator and TV. The insured gets the replacement value of the damaged appliances.

Personal Laptops or Computers:
This cover is available in the event of loss or damage of computers and laptops. However, the coverage comes with some exclusions.

Pedal Cycle:
Any loss to pedal cycle caused by fire and allied perils or Housebreaking is covered under this option. Accidental damage of the pedal cycle is also under the coverage of Oriental home insurance policy.

Baggage Cover Option
Baggage loss due to misfortune or robbery is covered under this coverage option

Personal Accident:
In the event of the death or accidental injuries of the insured the nominee receives the sum insured amount. This option also covers the daily hospitalization expenses of the policyholder.

Public Liability
This option under the Oriental home insurance policy covers public liability.

WC Cover Option
This option covers the compensation toward workman in the even of an accident.

Some exclusions of Oriental home insurance policy

• The fire cover option is not applicable for loss of documents, money, motor vehicles
• The house-breaking cover doesn’t include loss of money and motor vehicles
• Scratches on fixed plate glass is not covered under Oriental home insurance plan
• Loss of jewellery is not covered if the car is not c\locked properly
• Damage to pedal cycle due to mechanical breakdown is not covered