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Most Popular Policies of Oriental Insurance

  • Oriental Travel Insurance Plan
    Oriental travel insurance plans provide total financial protection if there occurs any injury, illness or death while traveling abroad.
    Key Features of Oriental Two Wheeler Insurance
    • One can avail Oriental holiday & business travel insurance plan & enjoy trips abroad for official, business, and holiday purposes
    • The Study and Employment Cover Travel Insurance Plan from Oriental Insurance facilitates coverage to those Indian citizens who want to study or need to travel for research works or for employment.
    • For corporate customers who travel very frequently worldwide Oriental Insurance has brought Corporate Frequent Flyer Travel Insurance Plans
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Oriental Insurance Overseas Mediclaim Policy

Travelling is something that is a part of our life. When we travel throughout our country, we have the innate urge to know and feel how the other countries are like. We visit other countries for various reasons. Some of us go for Business and Holiday’s while some of us go for Study and employment. But what if something happens to us while we are abroad? Oriental insurance has brought into view the Oriental Insurance Overseas Mediclaim policy which takes care of everything while we are abroad. The policy is divided into two plans according to the reasons of travelling abroad.


Plan A covers the Mediclaim benefits when the benefactor is travelling for business purpose or for holiday purposes. Plan B covers the Mediclaim benefits when the benefactors travel for Employment or study purpose.


The benefits given to the members of the policy are:

Coverage (in USD) According to Plan 1 According to Plan 2 The deductible
Medical Expenses 50,000 2,50,000 100
Delay of baggage 100 100 12 hours
Loss of passport 150 250 25
Personal liability 1,00,000 2,00,000 100
Trip cancellation 500 1000 100

Apart from all these, repatriation, evacuation etc are also included in medical expenses in both the plans. Missed connection and bounced hotel booking of Plan A as 500 USD and Plan B as 1000 USD has deductibles worth 10% respectively. The sublimit for people aged between 61-70 years on Plan A for any one illness and any one accident are 20,000 USD and 25,000 USD respectively. Whereas, Plan B assures 25,000 USD and 35,000 USD for any one illness and any one accident respectively.

You can also buy the policy from:

The policy can also be bought online apart from going to the company to buy the policy. There is also a feature of calling an officer of the company at home so that they can explain the details about the policy to the benefactor. The link to which is given below. Apart from that, the policy can be bought with the help of credit cards and debit cards. Net banking is also available.

Some of the key features of the policy are:

There are 2 Plans in which the Oriental Insurance Overseas Mediclaim divides itself into. Plan 1 and Plan 2.

Plan 1s sum insured ranges at US $ 50,000 of worldwide travelling excluding USA and Canada whereas, when we travel worldwide including USA and Canada then the sum insured ranges at US $ 50,000.

Plan 2, on the other hand, has to insure a sum amount of US $ 2,50,000 when travelling worldwide excluding USA and Canada and US $ 2,50,000 when travelling worldwide including USA and Canada.

What does the policy cover?

Depending on the plan chosen, A or B, the company provides cover for a few risks in addition to illness. The coverage includes Personal accident death, loss of checked in baggage, loss of passport, delayed baggage etc. They also include-

  • Medical Expenses
  • Bounced hotel booking
  • Missed connection
  • Personal liability.

Some of the exclusions of the policy include:

There will be no claim paid where the benefactor is travelling against the advice of a physician or for a specified medical treatment that is declared in the physician’s report certificate. There will be no claim if the benefactor is travelling for the purpose of obtaining treatment. The claims that are arising from suicide, attempted suicide, or willfully self inflicted injury or illness will be excluded from the coverage. HIV or AIDS are not included in the coverage of the Oriental Insurance overseas Mediclaim policy.


The eligibility criteria of the policy are:

The oriental insurance overseas Mediclaim policy can be bought for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months. They are renewable policies and can be renewed for future use too. The policy is valid from the first day of the insurance till the last day of the term mentioned in the policy or the return to India, on whichever is low basis. It can be availed by citizens travelling abroad for business or study or holiday purpose and by foreign citizens who plan on working in India.

All the payment is to be done in USD basis to the foreign doctors. The policy is said to be valid only if the insured journey commences within the 14 days of the first day of insurance. The policy can also be cancelled but only in case where the mentioned journey is not commenced or the journey has not been undertaken. There will be no refund of the premium or a part of it. It will be given to the insured only when the insured benefactor returns to India before the policy hits the expiry date.

The policy can be bought online from the site through credit cards or debit cards. Or they can also opt for the officers of a company to come and explain the policy in greater detail to the benefactor. The link below gives the link to the policy form.

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